How to make a Martini – Video

The “End of an Era” to quote AMC’s promo spots is tonight with the final episode of Mad Men. To honor a show I adore (half because it’s amazing and half because I’m in advertising for a living), I put together a quick video on how to make a Martini.

There are many schools of thought here and personal preferences. This is the official recipe from the US┬áBartender’s Guild Master Accreditation Program book.

The Martini

  • – 2 3/4oz Gin
  • – 1/4oz Vermouth
  • Olives to garnish

Add gin and vermouth to a mixing glass and add two large cubes of cracked ice. Stir for 10 seconds. Strain into a 4 oz martini glass*. Then garnish with an olive or two.

*These are not the epic ones from Bed, Bath and Beyond. Get a human sized one from a store like Hugh.