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I’m excited to review another product from Arctic Chill. This is their ice ball maker. There are three ways to make ice balls; cut them by hand, press them from a bigger block or freeze them with a mold. Arctic Chill is the mold method. While it produces the least clear ball, it is the easiest and cheapest.

Ice Balls in the Fridge - Nick Brin

As an experiment, I froze up four balls with four types/temperatures of water.

Temperature Purity
Sample A Room Tap
Sample B Room Distilled
Sample C Boiling Tap
Sample D Boiling Distilled


Ice Balls 1 - Nick Drinks Blog


The result was four nicely frozen ice balls. There was an issue with some water seeping out of the top. This snapped off fairly easy. It is hard to judge how much water to fill in the ball. I went all the way up but trial and error for a bit less (water expands when frozen) would be in order.

Open Ice Balls - Nick Drinks Blog


Since there was too much water, the tops popped up a bit. This created a ridge on the balls. You can see the clarity of each ball based on the type of water. Not much.

Ice Balls in Water - Nick Drinks Blog


Here are the balls in water. Starting on the left with Sample A and moving across to the right with Sample D on the end.


ice Balls in Water 2 - Nick Drinks Blog


There isn’t a lot of different between my samples. What I did notice is tap water was clearer with bigger blocks of white while distilled has evenly distributed white and was nearly all opaque.




Close-up - Nick Drinks Blog


Here is a product show of the ice ball. You get four in a pack which makes the price of $15.95 much more manageable.

Drink wtih Balls - Nick Drinks Blog


I finished up the shoot with a little whiskey and it does make for a nice presentation.

Pros: 4 Pack, easy to clean, light in weight, and freezes quickly

Cons: Tricky to fill, ridges on balls, and standard downfalls of ice ball molds.

Overall:¬†I would give this a maybe buy. It’s great that you can make 4 with only one purchase but $15.95 is a bit high for me.


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  1. Dave says:

    Greetings Nick…….You might not be familiar with a recently released product that was started on kickstarter, the “Ice Baller”. Makes perfectly clear 60mm iceballs. One every 20 hours or so, I’ve had mine since just before Christmas and have made one every day day since. It is totally amazing, check it out…………Dave

    P.S. the Neat Ice Kit from Kickstarter should be here soon, it makes clears square rectangles

  2. Dave says:

    Hey Nick…….Check out the Standard Spoon for Craft Cocktails, ending soon on Kickstarter, very nice job by a couple of artists from California. I’m in for two.

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