Star Wars Week: 10 Main Characters as Detroit Cocktails

Star Wars Week BannerYodarita

This week is the release of Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. I put together a few posts to build off the spirit and buzz of the event. In my Buzzfeediest post ever, I present ten of the Main Characters if they were Detroit cocktails.

#1 Luke Skywalker as Myth & Medicine from Selden Standard – He is currently all the rage (is he in, is he evil, why is he not in the trailer). Since Selden Standard has won a bunch of awards, I figured this paired well with their Myth & Medicine cocktail. Luke has the Force (myth) and can dish out some serious medicine…that is when he isn’t whining about power converters.

#2 Leia Organa as Gangs of NY Sour from Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails – This restaurant has a flowery, calming decor with amazing flavor-blasting food & cocktails. It’s just like Leia who is this demure Princess that can kick some serious ass. Gangs of NY Sour just sounds like a perfect fit.

#3 Han Solo as Bruise on the Chin from Wright and Co – The restaurant is suave and cool with neatly dressed bartenders that can churn out some powerful drinks. Bruise on the Chin is just what Han Solo did. Remember kids…Han shot first.

#4 Chewbacca as Disco in the D by Two James – The bar only has spirits just like Chewbacca can only howl and roar for communication. That being said you know exactly what he is saying just like Two James makes an incredible drink. I’m imagining Chewie in a Travolta-esque outfit as he dances across a multi-colored dance floor drinking the Disco in the D.

#5 C-3PO as Dr. Phibes by Gold Cash Gold – No brainer. Gold all around. Since Dr. Phibes sounds smart and C-3PO is too smart for his own good, we have a match.

#6 R2-D2 as Port Austin by Standby – Our favorite droid is the techie master of the Star Wars Universe. Standby is making some of the most intriguing & technical cocktails in Detroit. R2 is a match. The Port Austin uses fat washing & nitro charging for a delicious drink.

#7 Darth Vader as Blue Blazer by Sugar House – So they didn’t invent the Blue Blazer but are one of the best places to get it. With the dark interior and over the top cocktails (that can only be made with the power of the Force?) , the bad boy we love is a good fit.

#8 Lando Calrissian as Colt 45 by Old Miami – Another drink (not even a cocktail) that Old Miami didn’t invent (or I doubt event carries…am I even trying here). This friendly, seedy, loveable, sketchy, cozy, loud bar is one of my favorites. Just like Lando who we all know has a fancy for Colt 45.

#9 Obi-Wan Kenobi as Tiger’s Tail by Cliff Bells – One of the older bars in Detroit that can kick out a serious drink. This combo of grace and power is my match for Obi-Wan.

#10 Yoda as Last Word by DAC – Saving the best for last. Yoda is green, Last Word is Green. Yoda is old, DAC is old. Yoda is hard to find, the DAC is hard to get into. ::mic drop::

Any other combos you like? Leave a comment. Happy Star Wars Week.